David Miller’s Children’s Books

Khalil Way

Khalil is an 11-year-old boy who lives in a tough neighborhood. He is bullied in school. Khalil is also an amazing chess player and a math genius who struggles to make friends. This chapter book is a page-turner for young people.  Khalil’s Way was inspired by the thousands of children who shared traumatic stories about being bullied in classrooms, locker rooms, and bus stops.

“Miller offers a powerful insight into the experience and feelings of a bullied 11-year-old boy. He shows us how the non-violent pawns can overcome the violence of the bully kings. This book is a must-read for children and parents because it provides a how-to-guide on how to empower yourself against bullying. Khalil’s Way is the right Way.” 
~Tariq “Black Thought” Trotter (The Roots) 

“Khalil’s Way is an excellent book about bullying with an important message for today’s youth. David Miller tells a story that is real and relevant.”
~Jordan Coleman, Filmmaker (Payin’ the Price)


A fun, scintillating story for the entire family. On many weekends Akosua and Booker Taliaferro Washington Greene and their parents are surrounded by dirt, fertilizer, vegetables, and fruit. The Greene Family runs an organic farm in the heart of the Brownsville’s section of Brooklyn. The Greene Family Farm grows and sells zucchini, corn, cucumbers, kale, broccoli, lettuce, and other fruits and vegetables.

“Brooklyn’s Finest is a welcome addition to any family’s home library. The illustrations are beautiful, and the storyline which comes from the lens of 6-year-old Akosua Greene, gives the book’s narrative a certain warmth and innocence that makes the storyline endearing. I really enjoyed this book. It even gives the reader tips on how to create your own garden with your family.”

~ Brandon Hay, MES- Founder of The Black Daddies Club. Toronto, Canada

“Brooklyn’s Finest: The Greene Family Farm” by David Miller is a great read for kids. The author addresses a very serious issue impacting the African American community—fresh food scarcity. The Greene family, who live in a food desert, address the problem by purchasing a vacant lot. The author takes the reader on a fun and informative journey on how this family collectively worked to transform a lot into a flourishing farm. The illustrator’s bold colors and joyful images will spark kids’ interests in garden work. For science teachers and parents, this book is a great tool to introduce your students to the problem of food deserts and the simple solutions to the aforementioned. This book is a great addition to any home or school library.”

~ Dr. Nosakhere Griffin-El, Sr- The Young Dreamer’s Book Club

Gabe & His Green Thumb

The sensational book, complete with bright, bold illustrations, takes kids on Gabe’s journey as he transforms from a shy kid to an overnight celebrity because of his ability to raise championship-sized vegetables. Kids of all ages will be amazed by Gabe’s “magical” thumb, his superpowers, and the way he remains humble while handling his newly found success.

“What would it look like if a kid switched thumbs with the Incredible Hulk? Ask Gabe. This fantastical story about a boy’s love for gardening will spark children’s curiosity about food – and where it comes from.”

~Alvin Irby, comedian, author of “Gross Greg” and founder of the award-winning literacy program Barbershop Books

“Gabe & His Green Thumb” is a must-read book for black boys! The main character carries on the tradition of growing food in his family’s garden, and one day his life changes for the good after he acquires the superpower of super sizing vegetables. Of course, his new talent brings him both media attention and prizes, which add to the engaging tale! Complementing Miller’s outstanding work are vibrant and engaging illustrations by C.J. Love that take young readers on a visual journey that will inspire them to want to dream big and create their own gardens. This book, aside from being a cute read, can and should be implemented as a tool to inspire family/school projects around growing food and flowers.”

~Dr. Nosakhere Griffin-EL, founder of Young Dreamers Book Club


From fried chicken to Apple Cinnamon French Toast, you will love watching Chef Toussaint make magic in the kitchen. Join this 9-year-old master chef as he turns his grandmother’s old recipes into award-winning dishes. Experience the power of literacy through a great storyline and amazing images. 

“David Miller’s new picture book, “Chef Toussaint,” simply sizzles. He adroitly incorporates entrepreneurship, the importance of family, Black history, healthy eating, and a love of cooking in a neatly written story that will surely engage young readers everywhere. “Chef Toussaint” is such a fun read, and youngsters will learn important life lessons without realizing it.  The richly layered illustrations by C. J. Love perfectly complement the text, drawing the reader into even the smallest details. This book is a winner and will surely be a welcomed addition to homes and classrooms alike.”

Wade Hudson, Co-Editor, The Talk: Conversations About Race, Love & Truth.

“David Miller is a modern author that is focused on ensuring children see a representation of themselves in literature. His characters are well developed, creative, and relatable.  Children enjoy reading his books, while educators and parents find them to be great teaching resources.  David brings a sense of committee, family, and relevancy to all his books, making him a premier author for the 21st century.”  

~M. Mimi Sutton, Author- Grace Goes to Ghana, Educator

Video of one of my illustrators, C.J. Love working on Chef Toussaint

Winnie, the Wizard of Wall Street

Winnie, the Wizard of Wall Street is the first work in a unique series of children’s books that educates young scholars about investing, money management, and entrepreneurship. Winnie is an eight and half-year-old money wizard who loves to teach children about ways to make and save money.

This book honors the rich legacy of trailblazer Maggie Lena Walker, the first Black woman to own a bank in the United States.

Veggie life

Veggie Life: Coloring & Activity Book highlights healthy eating for young children. This coloring book is a great way to talk to children about healthy eating and the importance of fruits and vegetables.

Coloring can be a powerful form of relaxation. It also improves cognitive and fine motor skills, which help children develop.

*Completed with a 24-pack set of crayons

Children 4 and up

Ida B., the Beekeeper

Ida B., the Beekeeper, features the journey of a nine-year-old girl and her family, who have been raising bees and harvesting honey for over 100 years. The book is an excellent read for 2nd-grade and up students.

This book honors the life and legacy of Ida B. Wells, a journalist, and Black freedom fighter.